Why Linux ! !

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My XP box got hacked, got infected to oblivion with all kinds of malware, and was pretty much zombified beyond all recognition. No Antivirus could fix it, so I finally made the linux jump and was very happy with what I got.

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Because i like Linux, So Linux!

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Linux for me has always been a mild curiosity. I have always enjoyed the freedom and the amount of things you can do to your software installation. It appeals to my tinkerer nature and keeps me learning new and interesting things. I still have a long way to go before i am considered "good" with Linux, but the journey so far has been amazing, if not sometimes frustrating.

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About two years agoI kept wondering what the buzz was all about so I tried Ubuntu; I liked it well enough but my video drivers were always a problem(still are). I quit for a while and enjoyed Windows for about a year afterwards.

Well a good few months back; I took it upon myself to install Debian; I loved it. I don't know if it was my previous knowledge that helped me through but I still love it. I'm doing so much more than what I did do with Ubuntu.

When I was running Ubuntu, I had no idea what really could be done with Linux. It really is a full-fledged OS with all the glam and glory. I really underestimated it and if it was an actual person on the street; I think I'd walk up and apologize for not realizing how terribly awesome it is.

Thanks Linux!

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Good for you Gossamer, i wish all people are brave enough to try different things, and also discover what is behind this wonderful OS.


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Until 1995, I was using Amiga, then at the end 1996 three things happened,

1) I went to University of Malta and had an account on the unix lab which ran SunOS4
2) I bought a pc Pentim 100 16 megs ram and it came with windows 95
3) I stumbled on a book with Slackware

Suffice to say, I wanted to have a unix at home and so windows95 went out the window, and slackware came in, which then turned to redhat 5.3 when then went to debian and the rest is history.

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