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When I tried to enter the boot command, I an not able to edit. I can use the live cd after hitting ctrl-alt-backspace....which causes the screen to go blank...after doing this intermittently I was able to get into the Fedora. I installed it, hoping that I was going to be able to then edit...circa the advice given above... but no luck, the trick of the three finger salute didn't work...I can install, however before I get to the kernel, i get the gray streaked screen.

I did a bios check, and a check on the card...ATI Radian express x1100 and it passed all the checks. This is the frustrating thing, I cant even get to the point to edit the boot command now.. I am in the process of reinstalling Centos.

It is weird, my wife computer is a AMD 1900 dual-core 64x, and my computer is a 1800 dual-core 64x and it cant install fedora.

I like Centos, however it has limited repo's...and it doesn't seem to play well when trying to stream media, listen to music on line...

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Well, you can have as many video drivers as you like; just amake sure Xorg is configured to use the right one.

There's all sorts of things to go wrong. fglrx-driver has to match up with fglrx-kernel-source and everything else.

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It sounds like there is something seriously wrong. The Dell 1501 uses the ATI xpress 1150 chipset which has a Radeon X300. It should just work - 2d and 3d - with the Free "radeon" driver in just about any distro from the past few years.

Does Windows work on this machine? Have you tried running Memtest86+ on it? Does any Linux live cd work?

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