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CPU overheating Toshiba Satelite L300-1AQ

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I installed Ubuntu (Ubuntu 9.10 - the Karmic Koala) on my laptop (Dual boot with Vista) When I boot in Ubuntu and after few minutes the temperature goes very high starting from 35 to 45 up to 72 within 15 minutes. The problem doesn't exist in Windows Vista. Can anybody help me with the issue please?? I'm new to linux so if you decided to help me please make it as simple as possible.



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You need the omnibook kernel module to control your fan.

try this:

svn co omnibook
cd omnibook
sudo make install

sudo depmod -a
sudo modprobe omnibook ectype=11

sudo cat "omnibook ectype=11">>/etc/modules

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You also might want to consider adding the "CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor" item to your panel and using that to adjust the scaling governor to tell the system to wind dowsn when it doesn't need full resources, this will help to save power and reduce heat.

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Dear Adam,

Thanks for your help but the code you provided gave me error:

This is a part of the terminal screen I got after typing the download link:

A omnibook/tags/release-20070211/pio.c
A omnibook/tags/release-20070211/ec.c
A omnibook/tags/release-20070211/compat.h
A omnibook/tags/release-20070211/wireless.c
Checked out revision 293.
zohair@ubuntu:~$ cd omnibook
zohair@ubuntu:~/omnibook$ make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
zohair@ubuntu:~/omnibook$ sudo make install
make: *** No rule to make target `install'. Stop.

And mfillpot, thanks for your contribution but I found a similar program "KPowerSave" that seems to similar to what you've suggested.

but to be honest guys the problems is that in addition to my CPU heating, my HDD never stops, it keeps running for ever. Further suggestions are much appreciated.



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kpowersave interfaces with the same components so it will help a little with the cooling. You should also read "man pwmconfig" to learn how to manually control your fan(s).

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I also found a post online where someone solved a laptop cooling bond by loading the winbond driver "modprobe w83627hf", maybe that can help. IF is not often that the necessary modules are not auto-detected, but it could be possible.

Can you please post the output of lspci and sensors so we can try to identify modules that may fix the issue?

Also thanks for asking about this item, while researching your issues I found necessary modules for my laptop and dropped the temp by 4C.

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