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New to Linux. One quick question.

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Excuse my ignorance people. But I am entirely ignorant when it comes to Linux. I just installed Puppy Linux 5.2 on an old machine. I used the "quickpet" application and hit the "drivers" tab. Then chose the "Click here to test your graphics card" option. I then downloaded and installed the "Xorg_High-1.1-Lucid" package and installed it. The package shows up under "installed packages" in the Puppy Package Manager.
My question is: does this mean that the driver is actually running or do I need to do something else to activate the driver?
Don't mean to sound stupid, but I am when it comes to Linux.

Thanks in advance, Kris.

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You should be all set, Kris. Linux, unlike other operating systems you may have used, rarely requires a reboot for newly installed software to work. Usually, a reboot is only required when something needs to be loaded at the time the kernel is initiated. In the case of those graphics drivers, they were probably activated during the installation process.

Luck! And welcome to :)

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Thank you Eric.
I thought that maybe, after downloading a driver, one had to get onto a command line to activate the driver. I'm encouraged now.

Regards, Kris.

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Luck with it. Give a holler if you need any assistance. There are a great bunch of knowledgeable folks running around here all hours of the day and night. ;)

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With a graphics driver, the worst will be to logout so the display manager can restart using the new driver, then login again. You should not need to reboot.

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