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Third party Installation Problem on Fedora 12

Link to this post 24 Jan 10


I have recently installed fedora 12 on my PC.

I wanted to installed adobe flash rpm on my system. But its not working.

since the basic part like adobe flash is not working properly so how do proced with software like

google chrome
google earth
abode acrobate

and many more.

I have tried to install them through the terminal, still it is not accepting the commends

Can anyone guide me why Fedora / linux is not that simple with third party software as Microsoft windows . For me fixsibility is more important. If problem prevail then i will be using Linux for surfing and Windows for work. but then it make life more difficult.



Link to this post 24 Jan 10

How were you trying to install flash, and from what source did you download the installer/package?

Link to this post 24 Jan 10

Chrome is available for Linux at the same place it is for windows. Well almost the same place.

There is a really easy user written utility that is easily acquired when visiting the Fedora forums site. It aids installing goggle earth, Adobe flash plugin and a whole host of other programs (Just don't use it to install video drivers). You can install it by the link in the first post in the Autoten thread.

Many of the non-free third party apps are available from the rpmfusion repos. Some of these items are referred to as forbidden, since they are not free or participating with GNU or BSD licenses for their products you can read about them here:

Instructions for installing Skype and vlc are found here:

yum install thunderbird should work straight out in Fedora, or you could use the add/remove software gui that is present under System-->Administration-->Add/Remove software.

If you have questions about any of these directions, please feel free to post back, I've been using Fedora and have many links.

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