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Games You Play under wine ! ! !

Link to this post 18 May 09

i Like old school too.

Mario classic running on wine, and Rocknes emulator, includes
battle city
twin bee
ice climber
and manay old school games.

dont tell me you dont remeber does games heehehhe

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

Link to this post 02 Jun 09

I play Starcraft on Wine. I bought the battlechest in anticipation of Starcraft II. Yeah, I'm actually buying original copies, right! :D I just feel a sense of realness to the product that I'm holding if it's coming from the source.

Yep, as a developer I do like to support developers, although publishers get most of the cut, I think. :angry:

Anyway, back to Wine: It seems to be a great project to work on, as there are a lot of games that people want to see running there.

Link to this post 03 Jun 09

I have just started playing Fallout 3 via wine.... What an awesome game!!

Link to this post 17 Aug 09

I always play Sudden Strike, Stronghold Crusaders and many others under WINE :P

Link to this post 19 Aug 09

i play wow under wine

Link to this post 12 Dec 09

I play CS Source and HL2 under wine! :)

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