Acer Aspire One

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I have been using different flavours of Linux now for a while and seemed to have settle for Mint as my favourite. Recently though I bought a note book and Mint doesn't handle the graphics very well and the juddery screen is giving me a headache. :S

What's the best distro for a note book? All I really do is graze the net and word process.

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This is a question of preferences.

Are you looking for a distro with apt-like capabilities, what window manager do you want and are you willing to manual install drivers if necessary?

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If you boys and girls here are willing to help me manually install everything I'm willing to try anything!

I don't know what an apt like capability is and I guess as Nautilus is the only window manager I think I have ever used, it'll have to be that.

Are you thinking Fluxbox? I'm game.

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What distros have you tried?
Why did you settle on Mint?
This might give us direction to steer you toward.

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Use slackware, it works on everything :)

-- small, easy to use, fast etc..


You may have to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.M
to make it do certain things upon boot..
(like go straight into Xwindows) and
90 % of everything is cmd line related :)
so u get good on linux reel quick

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I tried Grannular, which was OK but there wasn't enough support for a noobie like I am and was then. OpenSuse didn't last long and neither did PCLinuxOS. Ubuntu's Graphics support didn't work on my old machine and Sabyon's menu's were all over the place, Mandriva was OK but I got bored somehow. I think I settled on Mint because it was blindingly easy to install, it includes pretty standard stuff (open Office etc), it is easy to use and it has everything I need from a ditro, which isn't that much.

My problems would be solved if Mint supported my graphics card, (the card on the notebook is so small its not worth commenting on), I can't tell you what it is.


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