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apache make httpd cannot allocate memory

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Rule of thumb: allocate 2x swap to available RAM, at a minimum. So, since you have 1GB RAM, create a swap space or swap file (use the swapon command to do this) of 2GB, at a minimum. You can increase this later if you need.

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Thanks, Rubberman. I have learned that I cannot create swap space because I'm using a godaddy virtual dedicated server.

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You could recompile linux-utils and then you'd be able to create swap spaces on disc :)


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Well, even if you cannot create a swap partition, you should be able to create a swap file. As reader marc suggested, install/compile the linux-utils package if you need and do not have access to the swapon command in your VM. All you should need is disc space (real or virtual).

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If you would like to make a swap parse file you can follow these steps, in this case the swap file is being stored as /root/swapme. (Run all of these commands as root)

# Make a 1GB empty File
dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/swapme bs=1M count=1024

# format the file as swap
mkswap /root/swapme

#To mount it immediately, you can use
swapon /root/swapme

#To make sure it is always mounted on boot you need to add the following line to /etc/fstab
/root/swapme swap swap deafaults 0 0

Call it whatever you want, swapme was a fast name that I used to test the steps.

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It appears linux-utils is the same as util-linux, correct?

@mfillpot - thanks, swapon is what I tried at first and it failed. I searched about the error and hit that godaddy support thread that I posted. I still tried changing fstab and rebooting, but doesn't appear to have done anything.

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