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" You need to download an "iso". That can either be burnt to a CD or a USB stick. That is a special operation which will create a Linux bootable disk. ...You don't just copy an iso to a CD...

Look somewhere like here:"

"You have an iso on a flash drive. You need to change the iso into a bootable Linux distro.

You need something like Unetbootin - It can work in Linux, Windows or OS X.

Put Unetbootin and the iso onto a working Hard Drive. Open Unetbootin. Choose Diskimage and then search for the path to the iso. It should then work when you click OK."

I am more confused then ever now. …I AM STUPID>>>>>please tell me in simple words exactly what I need to do and how to do it, if you know.

I downloaded unetbootin and downloaded it directly into the EMPETY hard drive but I cannot open it.

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THe ISO files are archives of a CD image, the unetbootin application can convert many iso images to bootable usb images but you are best using a program like nero cd burned to burn the image to a disk. Once the image as been burned you will need to reboot the computer and choose to select a boot option when it starts , the option to select boot option is different on all computers so you will need to look at the quick popup message on the black screen during boot to determine the button.

Once you choose to boot from the CD the disk image will start and give you option to try from CD or install to disk, if that does not happen then you did not burn the image, instead that would be a sign that you just burned the file to the CD.

Link to this post 31 May 13

OK you win. I don’t have any idea what any of you are telling me…so I will quit now. This is just too difficult for me. I really hate Microsoft but I can keep working with it rather then waste my time tiring to figure out how to do something that should be simple. ie: download a Linux operating system. Let’s face if I can’t do that how will ever be able to work with it.

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