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There are also programs that lets you boot on start up like partition magic or partition wizard. Now if you have a working operating system just Google them. I know I use Partition Wizard and found it for free this will let you partition a hard drive. Just something to think about. I like the program myself. You could also shrink the hard drive in Windows if you have windows. I am sure Linux versions have the same. Just never had to use the OS ones always used Partition Wizard myself. Good luck


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O.K. up and running.

I've downloaded AVG anti-virus but cant get it to appear in the "dash home" thing and run it. help?

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AVG is for Windows, this is Linux.

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So do I need anti virus? I do do Internet banking and it is a bank requirement.

Also, a bigger problem I have is that I don't seem to be able to find a Linux version of Angry Birds!

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Well, Linux is not as susceptible to virus infections as is Windoze, but it is good to scan email attachments for viruses! Most of us use ClamAV - open source, freely installable, and in the software repositories of most Linux distributions. There are Linux versions of many commercial A/V packages such as McAfee, et al because they are used to scan for Windows viruses coming through Linux network gateways before they hit the Windows machines. Also, I use a commercial scanner, F-Prot (from an Icelandic company), when I am cleaning my clients' Windows systems of viruses. In those cases, I use 3 scanners (the other is McAfee for Linux) since they each catch things the others don't, and when scanned in the most sensitive mode, they all give false positives. So, in such a case, I look for the ones that at least 2 of them agree on! :-) This process takes computer time (not much of mine - I script the process), but is very effective in that I have always been able to clean my clients' systems and not lose any of their data! :-)

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Rubberman covered the anti-virus question well. If you want Angry Birds, you can always load up Google Chrome (or chromium, the open source alternative) and play Angry Birds on the Chrome browser.

Actually, I just tested it on Firefox, and it works there also:

Have fun.

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