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our company is moving in a different direction changing from windows to Linux and so our ASP application has been slowly changing into python. We still have one major issue to resolve which is that we currently have a way to manipulate PDF files through ASP code using a module called ASPPDF by the company Persits. This company does not support Linux/python code only ASP. We haven't been able to find anything online that would give us the same capabilities which is being able to load data from a database or web form into PDF text fields and/or create barcodes for the PDF from a number entered by the client. Does anybody know of any modules out there we could use. We've seen those that allow to create PDfs from HTML but that is not what we're after. Thank you in advance!

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I do not know of any but... have you given a look at Mono?

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I would use pdftk (which is a pdf utility written in java) and a run pdftk from your python program.

The following link has some sample code:

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