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Okay so I dual boot WinXP and Bohdi Linux. I am having to use GRUB to choose between them but now I want to get rid of Bohdi and put something entirely different in it's place. So what would be the best way to get of grub and Bohdi so my WinXP will boot on its own?

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You need to have XP restore/fix the MBR (Master Boot Record). Do you have the installation CD, or only the recovery partition on the hard drive? Here is Microsoft's page for this:

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I know I have to fix the master boot record. I just want to know if I should remove the partition any particular way?

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Once you have fixed the mbr and boot into Windows, you can remove/delete the unwanted partitions (volumes) in the disk management tool. Alternatively, you can boot up with a Linux Live CD/DVD/USB drive and use the fdisk command to delete the unwanted partitions.

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Okay that's what I figured. I did all that and I used Hirens to fix the MBR and then just deleted the partition through PartedMagic and it worked great. This thread is over now lol :)

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