How to remove app.

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Hello Linux friends:

I have installed OSSEC on RHEL-5.5 using provided instructions.
The process is as follows;
~ unzip
~ run "./".

The app works.
Now I need to completely remove it.
It's not visible by rpm or yum.

How could I remove it completely.

Please help,

Link to this post 23 Apr 11

If the installation used its own install it must also have an somewhere in the same subdirectory where you unzipped it. Have you taken a look for an uninstall or remove app there? If not wasn't there a manual that came in that same uninstall directory, or a Readme file? When you don't use yum or rpm, you have to use the manufacturers instructions, or else go through the process of manually deleting all the files that were installed.

Link to this post 23 Apr 11

perhaps examining the commands used in this script would help:

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