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Will Printk() output to the standard terminal?

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I've put some printk()'s in some of the filesystem files of the linux source tree to try and trace what's going on.
When I run dmesg, I can see a few of my traces, however they aren't showing as I would have expected when I then call the functions again via the terminal.

How can I call some of the system calls and see a modified output?

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Just gonna answer my own question in-case anyone else is looking for it.

printk() at the default level, outputs to the /var/log/messages file

printk("I am at default level");

The printk level can be defined however to the following levels.

printk(KERN_CRIT "I am a critical level printk");

If it's critical or above, it will print in the terminal as well as /var/log/messages

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