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problem with nvidia card & 15.6" display

Link to this post 03 Apr 10

Hi, Please check out the following thread to get full details of my issue:

Basically, I think my graphics card and driver are working correctly but they're having trouble working with my display. It's a 15.6" HD LED on an ASUS K501N and when I enable the drivers for my graphics card my display is divided into 6 sections. The nVidia control panel doesn't seem to be able to correctly detect the monitor or accept the resolution if I manually input the figures.
This means I've got no 3-D capabilities and MS Wombles looks better at the moment
Anyone got any idea how I can resolve this issue - I'm new to linux and want to banish MS for good.

Link to this post 08 Apr 10

I just noticed that my original post doesn't seem to be displayed to here we go again:

Basically, I think my graphics card and driver are working correctly but they're having
trouble working with my display. It's a 15.6" HD LED on an ASUS K501N and when I
enable the drivers for my graphics card my display is divided into 6 sections. The
nVidia control panel doesn't seem to be able to correctly detect the monitor or accept
the resolution if I manually input the figures.

click this thread to see more details:;catid=8&id=4906

Any help or hints anyone can offer would be very much appreciated

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