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Creative X-Fi Extreme Music and others

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I do myselfe got a Creative X-Fi Extreme Music that I have removed from my because there was no support at all for it in Linux. For that solely blame Creative.
They do themselves release drivers for X-fi cards. But only the more expensive ones, and only for 64-bit operating systems. This to me seems increadibly stupid but that's only my opinion. I suppose it validates the higher price on the more expensive card from their point of view.

But I'm now wondering. Has there been any progress on that front since I last did my research around the net about a year ago. I do know things can happen really fast in the world of Linux so I'm hopeful. Are there any drivers, open or close sourced, that can make my Creative X-Fi card squeze out some sound?

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I got totally pissed at and tired of Creative's crap sound cards a long time ago - won't touch them any more. I'm actually pretty happy with my built-in Intel hi-def audio chip set - I'm running an Intel server/workstation motherboard. The sound is very clean running a pair of Bose speakers for output. My OS is CentOS, which is RHEL, so basically the kernel supports this chip set out-of-the-box without the need to install any special drivers at all.

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Personally, with my X-Fi Extreme Audio, I had to do several searches for open source drivers. They do exist. Depending on your distro, you might have to manually install them. With Fedora 10 and 11 the drivers were automatically installed. Google +X Fi Extreme Your Card Here +Linux +driver +OSS. Also check your distro's forums, there is usually a support forum for these matters.

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