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Hi Forum,
I'd like to get started with some sort of motion detection software, i need to save images (still frames) or videos from a common webcam when something changes. I even need to shape the area I need di capture cause in some areas there are noises or non interesting things (car traffic and so on). I need it for a private remote camera control for surveillance. Any hints ? is there someone having experience on it ?


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I've been using Motion for our security cameras at work as well as some ones I have at home. The software is very configurable and can be found here: I have it setup so that when motion gets detected on one of my cameras at home, it sends a text message to my phone with the image of what caused the motion, and it works really well for my needs.

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Oops, forgot to login, so that's my post above. One other thing I wanted to mention was that Motion may already be included in your distro's repository. I know Motion is included in the RPM Fusion repo, so I just used the yum install motion command to install it, instead of downloading the source and compiling that. You can install the RPM Fusion repository for Fedora 8, 9 or 10 with this command as root, if need be:
rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh

Also, motion does allow you to create a mask to prevent areas with high motion from triggering motion events. There are instructions for this on the site here:

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Woah, That's what I was looking for !
Indeed that's exactly what I'm trying to do, I was pretty sure someone else already did it. And thanks again for your reply
It seems to be the quickest and complete reply I've ever seen ;-)

I think I'll use these forums heavily from now


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thanks for the question , your question helped me learning about new things.

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thanks for the question and the answer, i am really excited to do this at my home. to see what happening when im here at office ^__^

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