nvidia cuda

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I'm search for apps by nvidia cuda software, for multimedia apps for the moment. I have install in guindous badaboom and work reality hight speed...eny body now software for nvidia cuda??

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I haven't used CUDA myself before, but a quick google revealed some links that may be helpful:

The CUDA toolkit for Linux:

A 3D modeling and animation software which uses CUDA:

Not exactly a multimedia application, but if you're interested in contributing to the Folding@HOME project, I believe they have a CUDA enabled version too.

This is not really CUDA, but might be interesting anyway (multimedia apps accelerated through VDPAU):

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Thanks for the links, I've often wondered what CUDA was about, now I don't have to go searching.

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Thanks for the link, but i search in google too...i look for people user of cuda, but not for developers only for final video convert etc...

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