Create Public WIFI

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thank you for your reply.. they have a way have many WIFI access point but only 1(one) SSID? how can i do that? what the best step i can make?

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In this sort of situation what I usually do for my clients is install a good router/AP centrally located (as previously suggested), but I will then install additional bridged AP's on each floor so that everybody gets a good connection - make sure that each AP uses a different channel so you get best throughput. Each AP then is a bridge to the main (central) AP/router. Using 802.11n with maximum range, and (if possible) high-gain antennas, is also recommended.

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Thank you for reply.. If i have Multiple AP but i need only one SSID, how can i make this? and what Ideal AP can you suggest? and Open Source Firewall for this? THANK YOU..

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