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Help with enabling USB connected wifi device with BackTrack 5 R3

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I decided to use my second computer as my designated Backtrack 5 R3 computer, but unfortunately it's in the basement and is unable to get a wired connection.
I have been using a USB WiFi adaptor for the computer for the past two years, and it works fine on Windows but not Backtrack.
Please note that I am not running BackTrack 5 R3 on a VM, it is installed alongside my other operating system(s)...
Anyhow, I put in the disc for my WiFi adaptor and installed the software for it, but it won't run the program(I wasn't too surprised by this), so I can't enter my network details to connect to the internet the way I normally would.

I am still new to Linux, so how should I go about this problem?

Any and all help appreciated.

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Hello! I know a solution. The reason for that may be windows/mac only compatibility! No worries! For most wireless USB adapters, a software may not be needed. I recommended purchasing a net gear wireless adapter. The software will be only for windows/mac. Though it does not need a software to connect. Meaning it does not need the "Netgear network genie" application. Just plug it into your PC or desktop and it should work as a standalone without any software to be installed. Then normally use the operating system you use network config settings and connect to the internet and it should work! If you have a network adapter try it with out the software as a standalone.

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