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install Samsung Pc sute

Link to this post 12 Aug 10

Hi Friends
I am not able to insatll Samsung PC sute i need to use Internet with the help of samsung phone modem

Link to this post 12 Aug 10

You can attempt to install it in wine, but because of how different the linux kernel is from the window kernel I am highly doubtful that it would work.

Have you tried getting some ppp software such as wvdial and seeing if you can configure the card without the official utilities?

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I've also had success running scanmodem as it helps identify the Winmodem and points you (if your lucky) to a driver that might be used. You can follow the directions at this link.

Link to this post 15 Aug 10

ya i tried to install wvdial but not able to install it need help how to install it will you plz tell me the steps

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