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I'm going to make a first trailer of the game I'm developing, any suggestion about apps for video editing on Linux?
I don't need anything too complex, mostly cut scenes and add text to the video.

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I haven't done any video editing, but I hear good things about OpenShot and Cinerella.

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You can checkout kdenlive.

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what distro are you using ?
most have one or two of the basic video editors in there packages
search your package manager for " video"
cinella nice BUT a pain to learn and is not a "basic" easy to use program

avidemux should be in your repos

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At the moment my main distro is Kubuntu 10.04, so I'm going for Kdenlive, it seems pretty simple and fulfill all my needs!

Thanks everybody :)

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Just in case you're curious, I published the trailer today on the game website (any feedback/comment is welcome).

I made it using RecordMyDesktop and Kdenlive, two software far from perfection, but pretty usable.
I'm probably going to write a blog post about the "making of", so if anybody is interested, I'll publish more details next week.

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