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I have a linux server in a remote location. I have access to it only via putty. How do I install GUI on the linux server and view the GUI on my windows laptop?

I installed KDE and when I type startx I get errors.

Link to this post 07 Jan 11

Have you considered using vnc on the linux server and using tightvnc to view it from the windows client?

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As mfillpot said, you can use VNC (Virtual Network Computing), an open source remote access tool. Linux desktop managers and systems support this tool and protocol so you can either log in and get a virtual desktop, remotely rendered on your laptop, or you can attach to the console desktop and control the system directly. It's not hard to set up, but you need to do some documentation reading, and experimenting to find the best configuration for your specific needs. I use this to server both purposes mentioned. Also, there are a number of Windows VNC clients and servers available - you can remote-control Windows systems as well with VNC, besides using it as a client to remote-control Linux systems. I use it with my clients no matter they use Linux or Windows.

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