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Rovanion wrote:

Is it really so that the package mananger doesn't satisfy the dependencies of an application when installed?

You are correct that Slackware does not resolve dependancies, and for your information it also does not have an official repo utility similar to apt or yum.

Package managment is more difficult with slackware because you have to manually install packages in which many applications are not available pre-packaged. However without the web retrieval and dependancy resolution the administrator has more fine grained control over the installed applications because they are familiar with every component on the system and any startup errors that may occur.

I personally detest dependancy auto-resolution for the following reasons:
[li]There will always be issues with the version numbers of the dependancies [/li]
[li]Who validates the depency list to guarantee that you are installing only the depencies necessary for your intended use of the applciation.[/li]
[li]It seems unsafe to allow someone to just click ok to agree to install multiple depandacie applications without knowing the basis behind each app and whether or not one of the dependancies is going to break another component.[/li]

There are apps like slapt-get and swaret to allow slackware users to run apt like functions to retrieve from a repo and there is an app called sbopkg that utilizes the scripts to allow the users to compile apps very easily in a slackware format, but to my knowledge none of these apps is officially endorsed by Pat and the slackware team.

I do not necessarily frown upon users of the "user friendly" distros, each individual is entitled to their own preferences. My preference is to know exactly what is happening with my system to simplify any modifications and simplify problem resolution that may come. The lack of simplicity and headache that is felt whenever an error occurs on a "User friendly" distro is exactly why I continue to be a user and whenever possible a contributor to the Slackware project.

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Hehe, package manager -- Ofcourse!

pkgtool --- package manager :)

And, I have to say 'automatic resolution for dependencies',
I have noticed with a couple of friends -- That, they install a package - -Great! they removed it -- bam, it 'accidently' deleted dependencies needed for something else.. I liek static dependencies much more..

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This thread has reinspired me to get back some Slack. I will do that tonight on my laptop.

I am thinking Slackware 13, Kernel 2.6.31-rc6, LVMs with Btrfs v0.19... Mmm, mmm, mmm.

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hmm, I tried something new for the first time --
an rpm.. And, to be honest, it really sucked bad. :(
I have to make a note-to-self to never use one of
those again.. First, the 'database' was corrupt? I never used it.
I deleted the database, rpm --rebuilddb, reran it -- installed the program, and when I tried to remove it -- it couldn't be found
with rpm -lq and couldn't be removed with rpm -e.. Oh well..
I loaded the rpm info into a file and and got rid of it with a for loop.
got my APC UPS communicating with slackware.. Had to recompile the kernel with HIDRAW support.. Figured I'd put a script on my website to pull information out of it (apcupsd/apcaccess).. I didn't care for the cgi that came with it, so I wrote my own..
Got MRTG and SNMPD running to provide network traffic graphing.. Wonder what else I can toy with.. I think I'm going to start buying junk (year or so old) computers and start a cluster..
I'd like maybe 48, sounds like a .. challenge. Got a new mother board coming supports 4 opteron processors and 128gb of ram -- that'll be real fun replacing out the board thats already in my server with that one.. Which is why I'd like for them to hurry up and release slackware64 13.0 (production release)..
I cant wait to see how it all goes

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