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The Forum Website is back up.

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Looks like I'm the first one back. :-)

I'm glad to see Linux back on-line. It was down for quite a while.

It will be interesting to read the report that comes out as to what transpired.

Wayne Sallee

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Hey Wayne

Yes, you were the first one to successfully post. We've been looking at the site in read-only mode for a few days, and the admins are tweaking the functions as quick as they can. Hopefully, as soon as everything settles down, we'll be able get back to subject at hand, Linux. Until then, keep and eye out, visit often, there will be much to see here in the near future.


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Hi Goineasy9,

I know I'm happy to see back up! However, it seems like the traffic very lown on the site. I know you guys are still tweaking the functions of the site, but maybe once your done, you could send out an email to all of the members notifying them that the site is back up and running. I know I almost gave up on checking the site because it was down for so long, maybe some others gave up as well and the email could be a good way to bring them back. Idk... it's just a thought.

Welcome back!

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Yea, I agree that it would be a good idea to e-mail the members when the form is fully operational again.

Wayne Sallee

Link to this post 12 Oct 11

Thank you both for your input.
We will speak with the site admins about making an e-mail announcement once everything has been stabilized.

Link to this post 15 Oct 11

Hmm... so it seems we are mostly just a forum for the moment, huh? Ah well... nice to see some familiar folks. :)

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