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I enjoy developing games, and would enjoy it more if more people would take interest in developing games for Linux. Yeah sure, I know there are quite a few games for Linux, but most of them are Quake3 Arena clones... made with the Quake3 Arena engine. I few months back I launched a community site for Linux game devs and the response was horrible, in the matter of +/- 5 months time the site managed to get 10 registered members. And I did my bit to "market" it.

The point is - It doesn't look like people are taking any interest in this at all. I'm not a pro in Linux game development, but not even the experienced folks took a look at it to help add more content (is this some kind of dark art???). Currently I'm seriously considering to shut the site down, which I tried to get up and running to benefit the Linux community.

Sorry for the rant, but Linux needs more high quality games... The kind that'll get more people to switch over to Linux, and for many others like myself - stop dual-booting.

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I have always been interested in learning about game development and so has my son. but I have not had the written resources to get very far. I will check out your site tonight to see what I can learn and potentially see if I can recommend anything that will help to attrack more potential devleopers.

Thank you for posting here.

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I would also like to recommend that you add Slackware to your list of distributions, the default install of Slackware has many development packages and only uses the original libraries and apps, so you start with the apps and libraries as the author intended. In addition some distributions (not Slackware) choose to modify apps and libraries to their own needs prior to compiling them, so you can also run into some compatibility issues because of those modifications.

As a starting point for game development I would like to learn about developing a physics engine, but I do not see any information about it on your site. I found which lists game engines, but I could not find any good sites with info about a physics engine. If you could add a section in the site that lists recommended books for learning things like physic engine, game engine and 3d rendering that would be extremely helpful, and of course if you can also setup rating of submitted books and links it can help people to get started.

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Thanks for the recommendations. Don't know why I forgot about Slackware, so it'll end up on the list.

I'll also find some physics engines and add them to the site. "Recommended Books" sound like a good idea, I bet there are a bunch of good books going around.

Currently I'm looking at a few Open Source MMORPG engines to do an article or two on... And prolly use one of 'em for my own little idea :P

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I am enthusiatic about seeing the outcome of your project and learning more from you and your community. Thanks again for looking over my recommendations.

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A very good suggestion

I have been to this study

Thank you

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