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Any SLED or SLES users out there? I just installed both... working towards the CLP & CLE certs.

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I use SLES 9 and 10 at work, testing SLES 11 and openSuse 11 at home.

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I use SLES at work and openSUSE at home.

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Yeah, I use/support SUSE (SLES) 9/10/11 at work. I also run an openSUSE virtual machine for testing things at home. I had a SLED box at work as a sandbox, but ditched it for openSUSE so I could utilize the latest more bleeding edge so to speak. Always enjoy the color green :)

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I use SLED11 at home. SLES11 will be on my private server soon. At work there is none of them in use.

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