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I have installed Ubuntu in my computer and dosemu for free dos
as i want use cam software (machine controlling software) this cam software has hardware board which is inserted in ISA slot and hardware dongle in the printer port.
I have worked this cam software in free dos it was working fine only issue was the using flash drive.even it worked well in windows 98 which

so i planed to use Ubuntu.
Now the issue with the Ubuntu is i cant detected software board which is inserted in the ISA slot.

i hope i can get solution

Thanks in advance

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Maybe tell us the make and model of the cam software board. At this point, we don't know if it needs special drivers or not, and, considering the fact that it was running with Windows 98, this older board might not even have drivers available.
One thing you can try:
In a terminal, type:


This command will list all devices attached to your pci bus. See if the board is on the list that lspci outputs. If you see it there, it means that Ubuntu sees the board, and may just need a driver to get it going.

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