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Kubuntu is a free, user-friendly operating system based on the K Desktop Environment and on the award winning Ubuntu operating system. With a biannual release cycle and at least 18 months of free security updates for each release, it is the secure, stable computing environment you've been waiting for.
Equivalent Applications
Office Suite: 3.0 Internet: Konqueror (web browser), Kopete (IM), Quassel (IRC), KTorrent Multimedia: Amarok (audio), Dragon (video) Email: Kontact (Personal Information Manager), KMail, KAddressBook, Akregator (RSS), KOrganizer (calendar)
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byDarkRage4, June 6, 2010
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I decided to give Kubuntu a try so I download Kubuntu thru the Ubuntu Software Center. I ran it and it runs just like Ubuntu with the exact same programs, files, and settings, the only difference is the feel and look is more windows and graphics-based. The gadgets and desktop looks amazingly nice and the default effects that come with it is awesome. And if you install Kubuntu on Ubuntu like I did, you can login to gnome (Ubuntu) or KDE (Kubuntu) at any time u want with the same programs u dl'd and installed, the same files u saved, and the same settings (for the core).
bygroovydaddy, December 1, 2009
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I tried this distro, along with many others, from a Linux Live USB ( I liked that it feels similar to Windows, but there's something about the KDE format that I prefer less than the Gnome format. This is the only KDE that I tried. That said, I did like Kubuntu, and it comes with a lot of great features. I ended up landing on Xubuntu (for now). :-D

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