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Fedora is a Red Hat Linux-based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure, and easy-to-manage form. Fedora is the largest of many free software creations of the Fedora Project, a partnership of free software community members from around the globe. Because of its predominance, the word "Fedora" is often used interchangeably to mean both the Fedora Project and the Fedora operating system. Fedora is the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Fedora 17 "Beefy Miracle" was released in May 2012.
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Recommended Installation Requirements: 64-bit Intel-compatible PC, 1GB memory (RAM), 10GB disk space / storage. Fedora installation guide:
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byRenich, February 22, 2010
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Fedora is the best distro I've used since 2002.

I love Fedora for it's quality and bleeding edge/stability combination.

I like the awesome plethora of information about it and the documentation surrounding it.

The community around it is, also, as great as the distro. People are always wanting to help out and the quality resulting from this is astonishing.

We have support for everything... even the not-so-free stuff with rpmfusion.

Google has a repo for fedora
Adobe has a repo for fedora

... what can I say? It's nice, beautiful and useful!
byJIQY235, May 29, 2012
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If an application or OS cannot be installed without too much trouble than usability is reduced or nonexistent. When installing Fedora 16 64 bit I went with a customized layout because I had preexisting file-systems. The first attempt installed, but the system would not mount all the file-systems because lvm and encrypted file-systems were used and Fedora did not install all the needed software to mount them. The second attempt I decided to try customized layout and customized software selection to install the software I wanted. The hope was to install the software Fedora needed, but was not installing. Sadly the software selection is broken down into groups without a package search option nor does it have any provision to resolve dependencies. After software is selected the installer application will check dependencies and if unresolved dependencies are found will report what it needs as binaries and not packages. If you are not able to identify the packages containing specifically what is missing you are dead in the water. Fedora has been around a long time and can do much better!
bygnappi, June 14, 2011
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I have not found anything not to like about Fedora. Everything I need to do on my desktop and laptop has worked flawlessly.
byLinuxLove, January 18, 2014
Super Fast Super Easy
I like to take new distro's for a testdrive on my laptop and desktop. But I always return to Fedora. Mostly because of the good hardware support and the ease of the installation. I download the "Easylife fedora" script, and that install script makes my clean install a working desktop in no time! I have had application crashes in Compiz, firefox, and the 64 bit flashplugin. But nothing major. I accept these as the price for walking the bleeding edge and report them with bugzilla. In the hope this distribution will keep up its great work of art. Thanx to all the contributors!
bypedroadelino, February 25, 2010
Best Distro.

It sets the standards.

Everything else is just another Linux Distro.
bycgonzalez, February 24, 2010
I'm using Fedora from its beginning (and before through Red Hat) and still believe it's the best mix between stability and cutting-edge.

Now I'm using Fedora 12 + KDE 4.4 and I love it!!!
bythreethirty, February 24, 2010
I have to disagree with JohnVV I have found that Fedora often is the only distro that has new things configured correctly (ie pulseaudio).

The "quick" release cycle (I don't think 6-9 months is quick in Free Software) is good for the community at large and is easy for Fedora because they are already working in the upstream projects.

Fedora even recently moved to "No Freeze Rawhide" so that "the bleeding edge of Linux development won't grind to a halt. " [0]

Free Software development as a whole is faster than Fedora as a distribution can keep up with.

I also must agree with the people that say that the community is awesome. They really are, and the community is one of the pillars that the Fedora Project is built on.

[0] "Fedora Splits and Goes Faster" by Sean Michael Kerner
Fedora is the best distro for people who want to see what's comming, what are the new technology and new tools you'll use in the next years.

It always get improvement and new feature, but you still have a stable and easy to use distro!

If you are a sysadmin, this is a good way to become familiar with RHEL and other Red Hat product!
byShaneH57, December 21, 2009
This is a great distro of Linux. I have used this distro for servers and is a great distro for servers and is easy to learn.
I liked Fedora when I tried it. The OS seemed to be set up simply (I need simple :-D), and its supported by Red Hat, which I understand is a very good thing. I'm a newbie to Linux, and I had a lot of trouble finding drivers to allow my printer, camera, and WiFi to work. This is probably just because I'm new -- other than the driver hiccup, Fedora was very comfortable to use. I ultimately decided to use another OS (Xubuntu), but I may come back to Fedora later when I have more Linux experience under my belt.
bycayphed, November 8, 2009
fedora is a bit chunky on ram but none the less a good distribution
byJohnVV, October 15, 2009
it is a Great OS BUT, and there always is one. Fedora IS A VERY FAST DEVELOPMENT distro . This means that not everything will work ! Also updates can AND DO break some programs .

Fedora is NOT for the very new linux user UNLESS that person REALLY wants to learn how to fix things . It's target user is the person who LIKES to tinker with things .
Not the person who wants it to " just work" !!!
byBenedictus, May 22, 2009
I use Fedora since Core 4 and I am still using it!

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