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byLinuxJ, November 12, 2010
I work on coworkers' and fellow students' computers on the side for extra money. When I come across an older computer with limited memory, I ALWAYS recommend the owner try antiX, regardless of whether they have used Linux before or not. This is a great distro for beginners who are used to the "Windows" feel. IceWM is the default environment, giving a Windows 2k look and feel to the distro. antiX is loaded with great software, and has Debian's Synaptic available for installing new software.

antiX is not just for old computers and newbies. It has a MEPIS kernel, which a lot of Linux users appreciate, and absolutely FLIES on midgrade to high-end hardward. This is definitely a distro to check out. Easy to use, sophisticated, great features, and installs in a flash! GO DOWNLOAD THIS .ISO! :-)
byLinuxJ, April 22, 2010
Mandriva Linux
Mandriva does so much more than simply "ROCK!" It RAWKS!!! Mandriva One is the way to go, though. Mandriva Free is good, but groovy was right in that using the DVD so much is a bit of a hassel. Free is a good system, but Mandriva One is sweeter. Now, if we could only get Mandriva One in lighter flavors, like E17, LXDE, XFCE, or Openbox... For me, Gnome and KDE are good, but may as well be Windows as far as resource utilization.
byLinuxJ, April 22, 2010
I tried the KDE 2009 PCLinuxOS, and I liked it. Cool, easy to use, Mandriva-based, aptitude equipped... there's a lot to like. I went with moonOS over this one because I prefer lighter environments to KDE (even though KDE rocks!), and E17 is a lot of fun.

I noticed the newly released PCLinuxOS has an E17 edition, and I'm looking forward to trying this one out. If it outdoes moonOS (which would be hard to do), then I'll probably make the switch over.
byLinuxJ, April 15, 2010
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I tried a few different Linux distros before Moon, and this one has everything that I liked about the simplicity of Ubuntu with the ease of use of Enlightenment. Comes complete with OO.o, Firefox, Thunderbird, Python 2.5, and many more goodies. This is definitely worth checking out! Download and burn a live CD to see for yourself.

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