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byben, February 13, 2011
I really suggest truecrypt to everyone. I'm using it on usb sticks as well as HDs instead of legacy closed systems supplied from hw manufacturers. If data encryption is a must you may rely on it
I was really skeptical when I was dealing with Java tools, I was looking at VisualAge from IBM in late 90's and I've had a really bad feeling about it. It was too heavy, complex, absurd and strange for that days; It was really complete from the beginning but its weight was too much.
Now machines are much faster, we've a lot of memory and even if feature (plugins) to eclipse are millions we've the only real alternative to Visual Studio. Now after a lot of years I'm using it for everything: from C++ (even cross platform), Java, Android, Atmel Gcc devel and so on

It could be a little bit light but...
byben, November 11, 2010
This is what I'm using on daily basis in my office instead Outlook, Exchange integration is not that easy and you miss some features but at the moment is the best email client for corporate use.
byben, November 11, 2010
If you use Linux (whatever distro) and you need to work with it you obviously need an Office Suite. This is the most stable, feature rich, complete office suite for common document exchange. Don't matter whatever other colleague uses, it fits perfectly in every environment (Win, OS-X, Linux). A lot of Public Administrations, states, regions all across Europe are using it to cut license costs and doing something in the enterprise market
byben, November 11, 2010
When you work in the enterprise market or you need to deal with GANTT sheets 90% of people use MS Project, this is my favorite tool when I need to open them from my Linux laptop/workstation
byben, November 11, 2010
I've never ever installed Acrobat reader or something like that after this software comes out the first time. I'm still using Linux and I usually read PDF documents with it, Adobe Reader is not needed any more on Linux when Evince is installed. A really easy and impressive tool
byben, June 27, 2010
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This was my first SQL db on Linux. Never looked back !
byben, June 3, 2010
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What a software, I've started with it when I was dealing with common analogic modems, in that period I've had some sort of application dealing with users in order to control house and few appliances. Now I'm using it heavily to collect voicemail, data and to integrate it with PBX and routers. Never tried Digium cards but the software itself is really complete, it takes some time to configure everything properly but when you've done you've an absolute stable and scalable system. I'm now evolving to HA cluster availability.
byben, May 31, 2010
It's a really good application, there're a lot of things to do to compare it to other top class applications (like Max for example) but if you compare them with Blender when it's related to feature and price I think you can't beat it.
My only real choice when dealing with Linux desktops
byben, May 31, 2010
I've never seen this distro around, I've just seen information while reading Linux Download Directory. It's a really thin and powerful distro, it perfectly fits my needs when running a low resource environment. Really nice job !
byben, May 31, 2010
I own a Nexus phone, this is my first Android smart phone and I'm really impressed by it. Rock solid OS, stable and damn fast !
The phone is sooooo thin compared other competitors, nice battery life and really good software. Just waiting for an offline navigation software (TomTom do you hear us ?) for day to day activities on the road

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