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  • lee clark Said:

    Dear Linux Users, 6-23-12 In Santa Barbara, Ca. I need to update my Ubuntu & downloaded it but cannot get it installed onto my laptop; going to the local college, they were unable to help, here in lovely Santa Barbara. Sincerely, A CA. Writer, R. Lee Clark II

  • Christopher Said:

    Hello, last year I purchased a new laptop HP Compaq Presario CQ62 - running MS Office 07 . It should be faster than it seems to be, and I had a IT masters student look at it and disable alot of 'crapware' which apparently comes glued to Windows 7. Some difference, but I put a question to a radio interview of a IT person who said put up with it . A listener however emailed in that they uninstalled Win 7 and installed Linux and its faster and cleaner running. I'm intrigued. I live in New Zealand and wondered what the options for a change are. I am a user and no nothing about programming or adapting programmes etc. What's a change to the Linux OS going to cost and is it really worth the drama. Cheers C

  • Allie Jacsonn Said:

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  • Charles Gate Said:

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  • Paulo Goes Said:

    Sempre quis adquirir uma máquina equipada com o Sistema Operacional Linux, mas me preocupo com alguns problemas. Baixei O kalango Cd Iso, mas não conseguir configura Rede Sem Fio Wireless, pois o mesmo não reconhece os adaptadores USB D-Link DWA125. Procurei soluções, mas não conseguir nada. As soluções que encontrei só se adapta ao concorrente Windows. Tem alguma explicação para tais ocorrências? Seria muito bom se o Linux fosse disponibilizados para reconhecer qualquer periférico assim como o seu maior concorrente.

  • Mr Gail Carpenter Said:


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  • mhammad Said:

    hello, I'm looking for pricing (quotation) for lunix redhat 6 system on 4 server , number the users who access the system 6500

  • Joanne Alden Said:

    Is there tech support by phone available for my Linux, Ubunto?

  • George Roach Said:

    I am looking to transfer files from my dying-out computer to a new computer. I will be transferring first to a flash drive and then to a Microsoft Windows system. Is there tech support by phone available to help me?

  • Mr Gail Carpenter Said:

    > GOOD LUCK! > I AINT FOUND IT YET! GRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......................

  • Daniel Corcoran Said:

    There is no customer-company relation here. You are not the customer: You didnt pay for anything.

  • Mackenzie Luby Said:

    I belive here should be a "Linux phone".Considering there is an iPhone and a Windows phone.Not only would it your products more popular but it would also make a healthy amount of money.And that money can be used to make more products (updates,another OS,and perhaps another phone.

  • Ítalo Said:

    Why does this message appear? "Sorry, the registration failed. listed on" I am not a spammer.

  • Hany Said:

    Dear Linux Is there a system of Linux for Mobile htc s630 Instead of Microsoft Windows 6 Please note that I live in Egypt and the available networks Mobinil Vodafone Communication Thank you

  • Munenwa Said:

    hi they i do have internet cafe i want to use Linux to run in my all computer, i need a internet software for countdown to secure my customer whale they are in the net, please let kwon

  • neeraj sharma Said:

    how can i get linux os tell me the procedure for my hp laotop

  • Crusher99 Said:

    Your f**king Linux is a piece of sh*t.

  • Abba Elijah Said:

    Please I need a linux. OS for my HP min laptop

  • kevin king Said:

    I have a problem getting the wall papers for the desk top to change,not sure where to go or do for this issue...Thank you for any help that u can/could give for this matter.

  • Ray Yau Said:

    How to setup one of the user all the email redirect to other third party email address, but there is not including attachment, just email content ,Can I do that?

  • G A Said:

    Was hackmii installer also made in Linux?

  • meidan Said:

    Can Linux comunicate with XL or other Windows files?

  • toxikomx Said:

    excuse me.. i cant install Lubuntu on my laptop with AMD K6 processor.. when i try to install it appears a message required cmov.. i don know how to install Lubuntu.. please help me..

  • zeroday1 Said:

    How many years have linux installations been plagued by the infamous “No Root File System is Defined” message, whenever a pc user attempts to install Linux or Ubuntu on a hard-drive alongside their Windows installation?! This has been going on way too long, for the makers of Linux and Ubuntu to not find a simpler way to facilitate this issue. We all know what the problem is yet, for those of us whom wish to use Linux on the same drive as their Windows OS, literally seem to have no choice but to format the entire drive in order to install Linux, because of some stupid glitch that prevents it recognizing the appropriate partition parameters. Of all my experiences with Linux, none of them have ever been with a hard-drive installation but instead only using the LiveCD versions—because I will not remove Windows, just so that I can install Linux on the one Hard drive I have—which is why I want to install Linux alongside Windows. The nagging but persistent problem is always the same, “No Root File System is Defined.” Even after I extended the system partition and changed the partition id of said system partition (which had over 100GB of unused space), to [ "Linux Native" ] from the drop-down menu of the partition program I was using, it still displayed the same error message above. I tried it with the [ Primary ] option in the Linux installation module, as well as an attempt with the [ Logical ] option——-both of these made no difference and yes, before any nit-picking techies get on my case about it——-I tried the above scenarios with following options: First Attempt- [ Use As: (Ext 4) and Mount Point: ( / ) ] Second Attempt- [ Use As: (EFI Boot Partition) ] ======================================================= This is what I got after I listed the partition info from the terminal: —————————————————————————————————————— mint@mint ~ $ sudo fdisk -l WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on ‘/dev/sda’! The util fdisk doesn’t support GPT. Use GNU Parted. Disk /dev/sda: 320.1 GB, 320072933376 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 38913 cylinders, total 625142448 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x02ebc2e4 Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sda1 * 2048 206847 102400 7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT /dev/sda2 206848 505081855 252437504 7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT /dev/sda3 505083904 625139711 60027904 83 Linux —————————————————————————————————————— When I visited the Ubuntu and Linux support pages which depict a working installation, what displays is a screen-shot of the Linux installation module, at the screen that actually gives the user a choice if they would like to install it with Windows. I was never given that option when I attempted to install Linux Mint 17 or Ubuntu 14.04.1. Both ISO’s provided me with the exact same setup scenario upon installation——-Either I could erase my only hard-drive (which includes my Win7 I want to keep) or (I could attempt to install manually using the partition options). That’s it! No option to install with Windows like it showed on the website. This is so disconcerting to me that after hours of attempting to install a Linux or Ubuntu platform, neither installation module will recognize the appropriate partition configurations to make a dual-boot (without removing Windows) work. Microsoft may definitely be number one at the top of my list of the most frustrating companies in the world, but after enduring this rigmarole to simply install the OS, Linux is definitely not far behind Microsoft when it comes to such improprieties. Heck, even Microsoft’s installation of Windows is far simpler than this. Linux may have intrigued me time and again, but the more I’ve delved into it’s world, all the more frustrated I became. Really——-how different from Microsoft is Linux, when it’s developers couldn’t even fully automate something as simple as a detect and auto-configuration feature to as to facilitate any type of installation a user might want?! After all these years——-and Linux still can’t fix this problem with partition allocation and configuration, except to again dump all this nonsense on the user to try to sort out?! It doesn’t matter if it’s free. It’s still marketed as and geared toward users whom want an alternative and even better experience than Windows (even if they still want to keep their Windows installation). Yet the current options available easily put average users in an enormous debacle just to get started with this so-called great Software. If its that great——–then why make it extremely difficult to setup?! Us average users in the Windows community already have enough Microsoft headaches to deal with all on their own. You promote a cleaner experience on a faster OS that’s easy to use but fall short of making it a complete package by putting together a very sloppy, at best, installation module, which undoubtedly leaves much to be desired——-to say the least. Please fix this problem with the boot-loader/partition/allocation/Root File System Definitions issue. This is an unnecessary road-block which is probably turning away a lot of users whom might otherwise benefit from using this software and whom might actually like it and want to contribute——-but heck!——-if it’s this much trouble just to try to get it installed onto the same drive as my primary OS——-then maybe that’s just one of the reasons why Windows will likely always be my “Primary” choice!

  • LucaIT Said:

    Hello! i don't understand why things are so easy and you don't push on em..Linux is a great world but it lose on some points..People play games on windows and everyone say shit on em because they are not really good even when they are...Because they call them free to play but they are not really free to play...Why not start a real free to play activity for LINUX GAMES..Real games for linux...Linux lacks on graphic tools too...Yeah gimp is good...But i'm sure developers may do something better than gimp and Photoshop even better than all the adobe stuff...Like video editing etc...So...I know it costs a lot of money and maybe you don't have instant money available but...when you do...use them for what people really want...I love linux project and i want US to growh.Sorry for my bad english.

  • Sachin Agarwalla Said:

    I am mtech student of IITkgp,India , roll no.-11cs60r23, working on a project that is improving Linux os for scalable multi core architecture. My point is "Is there any scope of improvement in Linux scheduling part foroptimizing it for future multi core architecture." I investigated a lot on this issue by doing google search, reading papers. If possible please help me out. thanking you, yours faithfully, sachinagarwalla

  • Flora Stewart Said:

    I'm new here, but old enough the remember the news about MS ripping off Linux, and ruthlessly pimp slapping Linux to make it seem that they created the computer world--first software then hardware. Though BG is a very wealthy powerful man--and gives a lot to philanthropy--please keep in mind that this site is a non-profit consortium. Which for all of you 30 and under basically means they cannot legally be profitable, or else their IRS 501 3(c) staus get revoked by the Fed. So be kind. And it's rumoured that the curtains may be closing on the Windows. Oh well. Deuces.

  • Ashish Said:

    Pls Provide us HP sccanjet list with Linux. Thanking You

  • ali Said:

    hi! please help me admin. ı wanna name of linux os. which linux if you want to ask me. the oldest linux version. what is the oldest linux. not like ubuntu or another version. ı wanna original linux. for example. when ı right click on computer icon on linux os it's must give me only name like this: Linux. n,ot linux debian, ubuntu or anoıther. did you understanding me? original linux os. not distribitions. please emergency help me. and send answer my question to my email addreees . my e-mail ,below on my comment.

  • mike robinson Said:


  • Frank M Said:

    Why are you guys still using joomla 1.5?

  • Ivan Ballard Said:

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  • A. Robinson Said:

    I'm building my own computer, how do I incorperate "Linux" in to every thing.

  • محمود Said:

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  • kaushik Said:

    hello...sir..i lost my pendrive password..when i insert pendrive in to my show 144 kb memory but it is about 16GB..i cant format it..i want pendrive password remover software..but i cant..please make any type of me with i am from india..

  • Dwharf Said:

    Hey Torvalds, Ian ran out of hash again, where will you get the money? Then that is his problem again, right?

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  • Roger Said:

    I have been trying for months to find-out how to get Linux OS for my computer. It seems that no one here knows how or where I can get the free download of the Linux OS or they just don't want to tell me. I would like to have Linux because I have heard that using Linux is suppose to make my system run faster when I render my animation with Blender. So . . . . .. OS Roger

  • Sunita Sahu Said:

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  • bhagyodaya Said:

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  • Shweta Said:

    i am using windows 8 from last four months, i am doing masters , i have linux usage but i am not able to install linux with windows 8, i tried to do so using partition, that didn't work, i tried to install linux in windows 8 itself, that too was unsuccessful, right now i am using virtual box, but its damn slow like hell. its not only me who is facing this problem but many more around me, who using windows 8, i contacted microsoft helpcare but they told me to contact linux, i really cnt work in virtual box. kindly please help me asap....

  • Roger Said:

    I keep getting emails from this site, and I keep asking the same question."WHERE CAN I GET THE LINUX OS? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????. It has been almost a year and NO ONE KNOWS. It is no wonder so many people have left some nasty messages on this site. There is no interest in the beginner or novis. But we want to get the software. All you people who have gotten the download just don't care.

  • Steve Davies Said:

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  • Daniel Said:

    I think you are confused. Linux itself is not a home operating system. In order to fully experience linux, you have to download a DISTRIBUTION. I reccomend ubuntu-

  • theo acquaye Said:

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  • Excel Software Said:

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  • Wargamer247 Said:

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  • Wargamer247 Said:

    THIS IS WHAT HE SAID: Always wanted to get a machine equipped with the Linux operating system, but I worry about some problems. The downloaded Kalango Cd Iso, but can not configure Wireless No Wireless Network, because it does not recognize the USB adapter D-Link DWA125. I searched for solutions, but did not get anything. The solutions found only adapts to Windows competitor. Have any explanation for such occurrences? It would be great if Linux was available to recognize any peripheral as well as its largest competitor.

  • Mukesh sharma Said:

    Dear Sir i have a GPS Master Clock have lan port & i want to sync time with this clock in Linux operating system. How can do..?

  • smita Said:

    I am really disapointed with Linus as I have had nothing but trouble since I decided to change from microsoft Can it work better or i will have togo back. I am not able to acess my @ at hotmail and as i am not using mt gmail I can not get to my @ can you HELP

  • Kent Tollakson Said:

    I am a biblical counselor and I do a lot of work with marriages fighting pornography. I have a client who loves his Linux Operating System but claims that he cannot find a filter program that will work with the Linux Operating System. Is this true? Does Linux not work or not allow common filters that can be purchased to work with its system? I am not a computer tech guy - I need to know if this is true or a lie. Someone please respond to my e-mail address with information!

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  • john Said:

    hi, I don't know much about Linux but i like it cause its fast. I have PCLinuxOS Gnome. I tried to update the system and after i clicked the install on the Package manager it started giving me error messages. do any of you have any advice or maybe have a link where it tells you step by step on how to solve this problem? it would be much appreciated.

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  • d hawx Said:

    where is the button that teach's me what linux is and how to use it . i have never seen it before and if you want antbody to use it YOU have to show me how. i'm not a programer i'm a plumber and if you want me to replace win 8 then YOU have to have some method of teaching NEW people how to use it. your page read's like the tax code, great for people who have been doing this for year's but YOU fail to think everybody know's this stuff. better luck next time

  • d hawx Said:

    this is the first thing i found under tutorial's VNC Server Installation on CentOS 6.5 Monday, 30 June 2014 06:56 VNC Server Installation on CentOS 6.5 This guide explains how to configure VNC-server in CentOS 6.5 server. It is a very convinient way of administrating the CentOS 6.5 with the help of GUI(Graphics User Interface). The GUI can be access any where with the help of the VNC-client on any. ok for you geek's useless to me. You cannot post another comment, please try again in 25 seconds this ain't gonna help anything either

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  • Barb Romaniszyn-Perry Said:

    Hi: I operate a UNIX/LINUX system at my job in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. I was wondering how I could obtain a TUX, stuffed penguin. Sincerely, Barb Romaniszyn-Perry

  • tate lane Said:

    Hi: I operate a win8 system on my Acer aspire v3-731-4649 and my hard drive failed and Microsoft does non cooperative I would like to put Linux on my computer how do I do it and what's are the steps in Ontario, Oregon. I was wondering how I could obtain a TUX, stuffed penguin. Sincerely, Tate IRA Lane.

  • Charles M Howe Said:

    I need to reinstall Ubuntu 12-04 LTS. I registered but I don't know what user name I used (probably Charles M Howe) or password. I tried the obvioud one and another one I might have used. Neither of them work. I would be happy with. either of them or another I have devised. What is your advice?

  • vishal akubattin Said:

    i want to install fedora 20 in my laptop but in my dell inpiron motherboard having ASCI booting operation thats why i can't install fedora because for installation of linux os ATA type of booting system is require. can u tell me how to install fedora in ASCI booting operation,what software must be required?help me..!!

  • parveen Said:

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