8 of the Best Free Linux Geometry Software

In the field of mathematical software packages, applications such as Wolfram Research\'s Mathematica, and Maplesoft's Maple system instantly spring to mind. These are both highly popular, proprietary, commercial, integrated mathematical software environments. Other types of mathematical software packages generally receive much less publicity.

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Converting HTML to PDF Using Java and Qt

Yesterday I wrote about converting HTML to Pdf using Python and Qt. In this writeup, we will try to do it with Java. I have used QtJambi (Qt bindings for Java). Again we will make use to webkit for rendering HTML page.

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Power Up Linux GUI Apps

Save time and gain functionality by starting your GUI apps from the command line.
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Converting HTML to Pdf Using Python and Qt

In my recent project I wanted to convert the HTML page to Pdf. There are many HTML to Pdf convertion libraries available like tcpdf, fpdf (doesnt convert HTML to Pdf) in PHP. Tried using tcpdf for some time but it was very limited.

Then decided why not utilize Webkit. Webkit is a part of Qt library too. We then started looking at PyQT. And it works really well :)

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Linux Data Recovery Using \'myrescue\' Utility

In Linux operating system, myrescue is an utility to retrieve still-readable information from damaged hard drive. This Linux Data Recovery tool is similar to the dd_rescue, however it attempts to quickly get out of corrupted area to handle undamaged part first. After extracting data from the undamaged area, the utility then returns to the damaged area and tries to fix it.

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