The Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for You

One of the most popular questions received at are variants of one simple query: "what's the best Linux distribution for me?" To help users discover the Linux distribution that's best for them, this resource will definitively list the best candidates for the various types of Linux users to try.

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Severe Data Loss in Linux Upon Running fsck on Mounted File System

Are you unable to mount your Linux hard drive volume? The problem could be due to corruption the Linux hard drive data structures. To sort out such problems, Linux provides fsck utility. It is a command-line utility, which checks integrity and consistency of Linux file system, finds errors, and tries to fix them. However, in case if you run this utility on a mounted or online file system, you may come across catastrophic data loss situations. At this point, you need to carry out Linux Data Recovery to get your valuable data back.

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Change a Partitions from ext3 to ext4

Since the last openSUSE Version we have the Option to make Partitions in ext4. In my case i have made the Rootpartition in ext4 and other Partitions in ext3. Now I have found an HowTo for changing the other Partitions to ext4. I have changed the original Informations to the openSUSE needs...

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Tutorial: Personal Finances on Linux with KMyMoney

Linux users users have several good personal finance managers, like KMyMoney, which has matured into a feature-full, easy-to-use application. 

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