How To Use Aliases in Linux Shell Commands

Are you doing too much typing in your daily Linux work? Find it difficult to remember complex commands? You'll want to use Linux aliases. Find out how they work and see some useful examples.

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How To Upgrade From Fedora 16 To Fedora 17 (Desktop & Server)

How To Upgrade From Fedora 16 To Fedora 17 (Desktop & Server) This article describes how you can upgrade your Fedora 16 system to Fedora 17. The upgrade procedure works for both desktop and server installations.

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LC004: Linux Partitioning Schemes

Linux Partitioning Schemes

Fourth article in series of Linux+ Certification articles/tutorials. In this installment, the Linux partitioning schemes, LVM and RAID, will be discussed and contrasted in order to understand under what conditions and circumstances each would be most appropriately applied to a storage solution.

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Linux Installation Methods: Timing & Performance

In this second article of this Linux+ certification study series, Linux Installation Choices, the different choices of installation media, physical vs. network installs, were compared and contrasted. The choice of installation methods is another important decision facing either the new Linux user or the Linux consultant working for a client probably in the midst of trying-out Linux as a Windows replacement. Which method you use will have both time horizon impacts (time frame), and performance issues for both the installer and the ultimate end-user of successful Linux installation.

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Installing Lighttpd with PHP5 on Ubuntu 9.10

Lighttpd ( or Lighty ) is a free, opensource webserver. It is known for its performance, speed and simple configuration. Sites like YouTube and Wikipedia are powered by Lighttpd. People generally use it for delivering static content.

In this tutorial, we will learn to setup Lighttpd with PHP5 support on Ubuntu 9.10 (though this should work for distros with their respective package managers).

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