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Sailing Through The World of Linux BASH Scripting – Part III

The Previous following articles of ‘Shell Scripting‘ series were highly appreciated and hence I am writing this article to extend the never ending process of learning. Understand Basic Linux Shell Scripting Language Tips – Part I 5 Shell Scripts for Linux Newbies to Learn Shell... [[ This is a content...

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Understand Linux Shell and Basic Shell Scripting Language Tips

Pictures speak more than words and the below picture says all about the working of Linux.   Understanding Linux Shell Shell: A Command-Line Interpretor that connects a user to Operating System and allows to execute the commands or by creating text script. Process: Any task that a user run in...

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Overview of Linux Kernel Security Features

In this article, we'll take a high-level look at the security features of the Linux kernel.  We'll start with a brief overview of traditional Unix security, and the rationale for extending that for Linux, then we'll discuss the Linux security extensions.

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BeagleBone Black Part 2: Linux Performance Tests

Last time around we took a look at the new $45 Beagle Bone Black (BBB) board which has a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 CPU with 512Mb of RAM and 2Gb of eMMC flash memory. This time we'll see how fast that little machine is.

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More Great Linux Awk, Sed, and Bash Tips and Tricks

Awk and Sed are powerful text processors that run circles around bloaty word processors. We're going to use them to customize the Bash prompt, add and remove line numbers, insert commas in long numbers, and perform all manner of experiments without endangering our source files.

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