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Using the Linux grep Command: Grepping a File Without Using cat

The grep command is a command that most Linux users learn early on, and many times they learn to use it via pipes (stdin). Because of this some Linux users just assume that grep can only be used with stdin; it’s ok, I was one of those too! Before I continue with some grep tricks I want to clarify the basic grep usage. 

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Benchmarking Performance of TI's OMAP5432 Board

In the previous article we took a look at the Texas Instruments OMAP5432 board. This time we will focus on the performance of those A15 cores, the SATA interface, internal flash, and how much difference the hardware video decode makes.

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60 Commands of Linux : A Guide from Newbies to System Administrator

For a person new to Linux, finding Linux functional is still not very easy even after the emergence of user friendly Linux distribution like Ubuntu and Mint. The thing remains that there will always be some configuration on user’s part to be done manually. Just to start with, the first...

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Command Line Web Browsing with Lynx and Links Tools

For some people around the globe, a web browser that render text along with graphics is important since it gives an easy to use and attractive interface, glossy look, nice visibility, easy navigation, and after all click-initiated control. On the other hand there exist some people who want a web...

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Sailing Through The World of Linux BASH Scripting – Part III

The Previous following articles of ‘Shell Scripting‘ series were highly appreciated and hence I am writing this article to extend the never ending process of learning. Understand Basic Linux Shell Scripting Language Tips – Part I 5 Shell Scripts for Linux Newbies to Learn Shell... [[ This is a content...

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