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15 Unix Tricks to Get Your New Year Off to a Good Start

 The Unix command line provides numerous ways to make our work easier.

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How to Monitor System Usage, Outages and Troubleshoot Linux Servers – Part 9

Although Linux is very reliable, wise system administrators should find a way to keep an eye on the system’s behaviour and utilization at all times. 

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Auditd - Tool for Security Auditing on Linux Server

 Linoxide: Auditd or audit daemon, is a userspace component to the Linux Auditing System...

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How to Create and Use Barcodes with Free Software

Producing the barcode itself is trivial in Inkscape -- the leading Free/Open Source Software vector drawing application -- ever since the extension became part of the standard distribution, with version 0.46. The current version supports several kinds of barcodes, including the UPC and EAN types.

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How to Configure a Touchscreen on Linux

Getting touchscreen gestures to work on Linux isn’t all that challenging. It does, however, require the installation of an app and a Firefox extension.

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