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How to Add a Swap File On Ubuntu

A swap file enables an operating system (OS) to utilize hard disk space to simulate additional memory. Effectively, as the system goes on the low-memory mode, it swaps a certain section of the RAM that an idle program may be using...

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How to Control a Servo Motor from a BeagleBone Black on Linux

Servo motors are great for creating a DIY pan-and-tilt camera system, for moving panels through a limited distance in a model aircraft where the wind might provide resistance to that movement, and in many cases in robotics where you might need to rotate something to a specific angle. In this tutorial, we'll cover how to connect and control a servo motor with a BeagleBone black running Linux. 

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How to Rescue a Non-booting GRUB 2 on Linux

If your GRUB 2 bootloader gets borked, use these tricks to rescue your system.

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Linux Basics - Set A Static IP On CentOS

This tutorial explains the configuration of a static IP address (IPv4 and IPv6), the hostname and nameservers on CentOS. To be compatible with Desktop and Server Systems, we do the configuration on the shell.

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How to Diskless Boot a Linux Machine

Diskless booting implies that a client computer does not have any disk storage when booting an operating system. In that case, the computer can load the kernel as well as the root filesystem from a remote NFS server over network. It may use several different methods to load the kernel...

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