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How to Manage a Linux Server with GUI

A typical Linux server runs in a command line interface (CLI) environment, preloaded with bare essential tools needed to install and configure various headless services. Compared to a full-blown GUI desktop image, such a minimal setup is advantageous in terms of security, resource consumption and speed. If you are used...

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How to Install Ghost Blogging Platform on Linux

Ghost is a relatively new blog publishing platform which started out as a £25,000 Kickstarter project. While WordPress is still the dominant blogging tool on the web, it has now evolved into a general content management platform with tons of third party developed features, and over time has become increasingly...

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How to Draw a Flowchart or Diagram on Linux

There are several well-known commercial flowchart and diagram software available, e.g., Visio on Windows, OmniGraffle on MacOS X. Then what about Linux? In fact, there are a couple of reasonably good Linux alternatives to Visio or OmniGraffle, for example, yEd, Dia, LibreOffice Draw, Pencil Project, etc. In this tutorial, I...

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How to Create Desktop Shortcut or Launcher on Linux

If you have a program you use regularly on Linux desktop, you may want to create a "desktop shortcut", so you can launch the program by simply clicking on the shortcut. While most GUI programs automatically create their desktop shortcut during installation, some GUI programs or terminal applications may require...

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Android App Layouts: How to Set Up a List of Clickable Images with GridView

In previous layout tutorials, we've looked at LinearLayout and RelativeLayout. A common use case in Android, though, is that you have a list of items to display, which you wish the user to be able to click on. Read on for an example of how to set up a GridView with a list of images, which when you click on an image, launches a webpage associated with it.

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