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More on Using Bash's Built-in /dev/tcp File (TCP/IP)

If you saw yesterday's Tech Tip and were looking for more on using TCP/IP with bash's built-in /dev/tcp device file then read on. Here, we'll both read from, and write to a socket.
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Advanced Tips for Search-and-Replace in Linux

With regular expressions you can perform some mighty fine-tuned search-and-replace in text files, such as changing all the US-style date references (09/22/09) to UK style, (22.09.2009).
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Debian, Upgrading to Lenny, ERROR, no public key available for the following...

Due to a quite good popularity of one of my blogs I've decided to report its contents as an article for

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Installing and Configuring BIND9 DNS Server

This video tutorial will show how to install and configure BIND9 DNS server on Red Hat 5, Centos 5 , Fedora or one of their derivatives.

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TCP/IP Access Using bash

Most of us default to wget, curl, netcat and others when in need of network data from the commandline, not knowing, or perhaps forgetting, that bash often provides the support that we need using redirection from /dev/proto/host/port.
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