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Setting Up a Linux-based Open-Mesh Wireless Network, Part 1

A wireless mesh network lets you multiply a single wired Internet connection over as large an area as you care to manage...

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Reading RSS feeds from the Linux Desktop

In this article, you will learn about three different tools that will enable you to read Really Simple Syndication (RSS) articles from either the command line or user-friendly graphical tools. So no matter if you are an old-school, command line aficionado or a lover of the eye-candy GUIs, there is an RSS tool for you.

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How To: Add Features to Firefox with Mozilla's New Jetpack

Mozilla Labs has announced a new project called Jetpack to provide an easy way for users and developers to enhance the Firefox web browser.
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Video Conversion and DVD Authoring in Linux

Video conversion in Linux is really entertaining. If you want to go on further and want to create DVDs to play in your home theater, things really get interesting.
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Installing openSUSE 11.1

openSUSE Linux is a robust distribution based on Slackware. It has many applications that would make it ideal for the desktop, power user, or server while still maintaining an easy-to-use interface. SuSE depends on YaST (Yet Another Setup Tool) for easy administration of the desktop, sharing files, or setting up an NFS or Apache server. It runs on all types of hardware and can be normally be loaded and configured in under an hour. I have put together a walk-through for installing SuSE which will give a wide range of users access to many of the powerful tools that are built in.

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