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 Over the last few releases, cross-references have improved immensely in In particular, you can now create cross-references from headings, numbered items, and bookmarks, all of which users were requesting four years ago.
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Tech Tip: View Config Files Without Comments

I've been using this grep invocation for years to trim comments out of config files. Comments are great but can get in your way if you just want to see the currently running configuration.
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School Is Out, Impress Is In

School has been out for the summer in many parts of the country for some time now, but why not use Impress for a little informal summer-school fun?

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Moblin: Starting a Project Translation

Once you are authenticated, you can start translating! Transifex makes it easy for you to get the most up-to-date po file, translate, and post it back to the project.
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VirtualBox Offers Simple, Easy-to-Use Virtual Solution

The simplest way to describe a virtual machine is an isolated, copy of a machine running within a real machine. In terms of PCs and PC operating systems that would be an operating system running within an operating system.

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