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As a professional writer, my software needs are simple. Give me a text editor -- preferrably Bluefish, but vim or Writer will do -- and I have all I need.
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Wine, Linux and Multimedia Software

The purpose of this article is to try out some of my favorite Windows multimedia software in Wine. This is not intended to be an exhaustive survey of Windows multimedia software, but merely to capture my thoughts on software which I used on a regular basis under Windows.

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Zenity Brings a Little GUI Goodness to Linux Shell Scripts

Paul Ferrill shows how adding a graphical user interface (GUI) component to any utility script can make it more user friendly, and introduces us to an excellent tool for doing this--Zenity.
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Normalizing Path Names with Bash

The bash function presented here normalizes path names. By normalize I mean it removes unneeded /./ and ../dir sequences. For example, ../d1/./d2/../f1 normalized would be ../d1/f1.
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Uncover the Meaning of top's Statistics

Top gives you a snapshot of a system's situation, e.g., free physical memory, number of running tasks, percentage of CPU time usage of each processes--all in a single view. So it's like using ps, free, and uptime at the same time.

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