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Finding and Trimming Linux Bloat

I ate way too much pizza tonight. I know I'll be sorry tomorrow morning when I step on the scale. That darn scale tells me right off if I'm getting bloated. It should be just as easy with programs, right?

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Tech Tip: Removing Unnecessary Packages on Debian Systems

The command deborphan can be used to check for unnecessary (orphaned) packages.
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SYSSTAT Howto: A Deployment and Configuration Guide for Linux Servers

I remember one of the first things that attracted me to computers--well, besides Pac-Man--was the blinking lights. Blue, amber, red, or green, I didn’t really care about the color, rather what they meant. I was curious as to what exactly was that light reporting? I’m the type of fellow who likes to take things apart to learn what makes them tick.

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 Over the last few releases, cross-references have improved immensely in In particular, you can now create cross-references from headings, numbered items, and bookmarks, all of which users were requesting four years ago.
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Tech Tip: View Config Files Without Comments

I've been using this grep invocation for years to trim comments out of config files. Comments are great but can get in your way if you just want to see the currently running configuration.
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