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Blog From Your Linux Desktop with Drivel

Blogging has done nothing but gain steam over the last few years. Most bloggers are posting directly to sites like Facebook and MySpace. I consider that type of blogger to be amateur. The serious bloggers are using their own sites powered by outstanding open source solutions like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!, or even home-grown solutions
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xclip Does Copy-and-Paste on the Linux Command Line

In this tip, Juliet Kemp shows how to use xclip for copy-and-paste on the Linux command line-- without using the mouse.

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Emergency Operations With A Live Linux CD

Having a seemingly non-reproducible disk error can be a real heart-breaker.
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Moblin: How to Write a Plugin for Your Driver

You may know there is not a standard driver subsystem for sensor such as HID or input system.
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Setting Up and Securing an FTP Server on Linux

In order for someone to login to the ftp server, they must have a system account.

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