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Undelete Files in Ubuntu Using Foremost

Although there's no common "undelete" command for a Linux EXT3 file system, you can recover many types of accidentally erased files, including documents, graphics, and system files using the "Foremost" console application.
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Common Linux Commands and their Meaning

A list of some common Linux commands and their usages. Learning Linux commands is one of the main concerns for any Linux beginner. Although, the improvement in GUI has made it possible to accomplish almost everything with a graphical interface the fact is you still need to know...
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Installing Google Earth on Ubuntu

A guide on how to install Google Earth on Ubuntu. We cover how to install it using the Medibuntu repository, as well as downloading and installing manually.
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Linux Migration, Step 1: Why Migrate to Linux?

Are you a Windows user and visit Then you have some interest about Linux, am I right? This article is part of a series of articles about migration from Windows to Linux. In this first article, we will talk about how a Windows user can know more about Linux, and how can run a Linux Distribution without formatting your computer. And all this without pain! The information described here will be always easy to understand. A complete set of links will be included, to help you navigate and learn fast about Linux and how to become a Linux User.

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Audacity on Linux

Audacity is a free, open source sound recorder and editor that runs on Linux. With Audacity, you can record audio from microphones or other playback devices, mix, edit, and adjust the recordings, edit existing sound files, and output the results to a wide variety of sound file formats. Audacity includes a selection of effects plugins, and can also use industry-standard plugins often made for commercial audio editors.

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