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How-to Build Latest Linux Kernel on Debian from Linus' git Repo

Here's a how-to for building a recent 2.6 Linux kernel on your Debian GNU/Linux box.

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Howto Deploy SIP Witch Clients and Servers

GNU SIP Witch offers a means for individuals, private organizations, and even national governments to easily configure and deploy secure network scalable peer-to-peer media VoIP solutions using free software.  This article offers an easy "howto" to help people get started using GNU SIP Witch with Ubuntu.

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Installing Ubuntu 9.04 on a IBM X41 Tablet

I recently obtained an IBM Thinkpad X41 Tablet from ebay. It came with no OS, which was exactly how I wanted it, since I planned to install Linux on it. This post will describe my attempts to install Ubuntu 9.04 on the aforementioned tablet PC.
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Introduction to Django

Django is an open source Web framework written in Python. Django loosely follows the MVC design pattern. Today, I will walk through writing a small application using Django.
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Installing Cacti on CentOS 5

Cacti is a GPL-licensed, scalable, RRDtool-based monitoring program with flexible graphing options. This article describes the process of installing and configuring Cacti on CentOS 5.2.

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