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How to Spoof the MAC Address of a Network Interface on Linux

A 48-bit MAC address (e.g., 08:4f:b5:05:56:a0) is a globally unique identifier associated with a physical network interface, which is assigned by a manufacturer of the corresponding network interface card. Higher 24 bits in a MAC address (also known as OUI or "Organizationally Unique Identifier") uniquely identify the organization which has...

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How to Operate Your Spycams with ZoneMinder on Linux (part 1)

ZoneMinder is the best security camera software for Linux. This quickstart will get you up and running with minimal frustration.

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Setting Up An APT Repository With reprepro And nginx On Debian Wheezy

Setting Up An APT Repository With reprepro And nginx On Debian Wheezy This tutorial explains how to set up an apt repository with the tool reprepro and a Debian Wheezy system. The repository will be served by an nginx server.

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Converting Files from Windows Format to Unix Format with dos2unix

Ever run a shell script and get the following error? # ./ : bad interpreter: No such file or directory The error may look like there is a problem with your scripts SHEBANG where you specify the interpreter, so you go look and the line contains #!/bin/bash which is correct. 

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Install Fedora on Intel NUC: A Low-Power, x86-Ready Mini PC With Grunt

How well does Fedora 20 run on the Intel NUC? Does audio output over the mini HDMI work out of the box? Does suspend to RAM sometimes decide not to resume? And of course, what sort of performance and power usage is there relative to a traditional desktop machine or the high-end ARM machines such as the ODroid XU?

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