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Use Evolution to Connect to Microsoft Exchange on Linux

If you're a Linux user in a Exchange environment, you don't have to give up Linux to communicate with your co-workers — just embrace Evolution. Using Evolution and the MAPI plugin, Linux users can connect to Microsoft Exchange with almost no trouble at all.

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Weekend Project: Get Started with Btrfs

The B-tree file system Btrfs is a next-generation filesystem for Linux, and although it is still undergoing rapid development, you can use it for day-to-day tasks. Even if you are not prepared to migrate your production servers over to Btrfs, you should take some time to explore what it can do. It offers significant time- and space-efficiency improvements over ext3/ext4 — not to mention considerably simpler volume management.

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Manage Google Services from the Command Line on Linux

I love Web services. I'm just not a fan of always having to use a browser as the interface for said services. Google's services have crept into my daily routine to the point that I'm using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs all the time. But I also like doing things from the command line, which is why I'm using GoogleCL to connect to Google services from the command line.

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Replace Outlook Webmail with Open Source Zarafa

Looking for a Webmail offering that's competitive with Microsoft's Outlook Web App (OWA), but available on Linux? One of the best Outlook alternatives for Linux is Zarafa, a collaboration platform with support options for businesses that need a robust replacement for Exchange.

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Weekend Project: Piwik Supercharges Site Analytics with Open Source

The open source Web analytics program Piwik turned 1.0 in August, continuing its well-earned reputation as an easy-to-install, easy-to-use traffic monitoring solution. But if all you do is stick with the default options, you are not getting the full value that Piwik has to offer. This weekend, look into how you can extend Piwik's functionality to benefit your site.

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