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DocVert Can Handle All Your Document Conversion Needs

Thought you'd be living in a Microsoft Office-free world by 2011? Unless you're in a Linux-only shop that does business only with other Linux-only shops, the chances are that dream remains a few years away, and you still have to drag out an office file converter periodically. The trouble is, each free software office suite has its own, and they vary in their capabilities. Enter DocVert, a worthy GPLv3-licensed utility to keep at the ready, thanks to its choice of CLI- and Web-based interface options, and its flexible output formatting.

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Rapid Releases: How Are They Working for Firefox and Thunderbird 6?

The Firefox 6 browser and Thunderbird 6 email app are both out now, and if it seems like just yesterday that you were reading about Firefox 5 — no, it's not your imagination. Both releases are part of Mozilla's new rapid release strategy, which means there are fewer new features in each version, but hopefully less breakage as well. In this case, Web developers get some new tools on the browser front, but Mozilla still has major problems to iron out of the new release approach.

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Weekend Project: Record Podcasts with Traverso

As a writer of fiction, one of the tools I use to help promote my books is the podcast. I admit that my go-to tool for podcasting (along with a really good mic) is Audacity. But I am always in search of newer and possibly better tools for the trade. One application I have found for podcast recording is Traverso.

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Fantastic Chrome Extensions for Linux Users

Google Chrome is not only the fastest loading and rendering browser available, it's also grabbing market share the fastest. And like all good browsers, Chrome offers thousands upon thousands of extensions that can be added to expand the functionality and fun of the browsing experience. Problem is, with so many extensions available, it's hard to know which ones are of the most interest to certain user groups. So, I took the time to dig through the piles to find what I thought to be the best collection of available Chrome extensions for Linux users. So, without further ado, let's get on with the list.

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First Look at Poseidon Linux, the Linux For Scientists

Poseidon Linux is designed for the international scientific community, bundling a big batch of science-oriented software into a single live DVD, plus a batch of desktop productivity and multimedia applications. Poseidon 4.0 was just released with significant changes, so let's take it for a test drive.

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