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12 Commands Every Linux Newbie Should Learn

It's a testament to how far Linux has come that users today don't typically have to use the command line if they don't want to. Such is the quality of the graphical user interfaces in many modern Linux distributions that there's simply no need, in general.

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Weekend Project: Replace Delicious with an Open Source Bookmark Service

The past two weeks have been rough for users of the Yahoo-owned "social bookmarking" service, Delicious. First, reports leaked out that Yahoo was shutting the site down. Then the Delicious team fired back saying essentially don't worry, all is well — we're simply getting sold off. That's cold comfort if you use the service to manage and tag a large collection of links, though. If you're not comfortable with the uncertainty, what better solution is there than installing your own open source replacement?

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Using Nautilus Actions to Extend File Manager Functionality on Linux

What would a desktop be without a file manager? Even at the command line level we have file managers and they still make our lives much easier than they would be without them. To many users the file manager is just way to preview, delete, and move files. The power user, on the other hand, looks at the tool from a very different vantage point. For this type of user the file manager must be versatile, powerful, and it must do their bidding in the way they want it done.

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Creating Self-Signed SSL Certificates for Apache on Linux

If Firesheep and other menaces have you freaked out about using unsecured connections, it's time to take matters into your own hands. In just under 20 minutes, you can create a self-signed certificate for Apache to connect to your Web site for passing any kind of sensitive information. It's easy and takes very little time to configure.

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Block Unwanted Traffic With Packetfence

Packetfence is a very powerful Network Access Control tool. Using Packetfence you can control and block unwanted traffic on your network. Want to block P2P services like BitTorrent, or keep mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones off your wireless network? Packetfence gives you the kind of fine-grained control you're looking for.

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