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Using Google's WebP Image Format with Open Tools on Linux

Google's WebM project, the free and open video codec based on VP8, offers tantalizing benefits for fans of Linux and open source: better quality, plus full support in the browser and other applications, thanks to the lack of royalty-demanding patent holders. Often overlooked in the WebM story is the other media format unveiled by Google at the same time: WebP, a lossy still-image format said to provide better-than-JPEG quality at substantially slimmer file sizes. Is WebP poised to displace the stodgy old photo format? Let's take a look at the free tools available for writing, converting, and displaying WebP files to find out.

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Installing Firefox 4.0 (.deb Package) On Ubuntu 10.10

In this short guide I will show you how you can install the new Mozilla Firefox 4.0 browser (released March 22, 2011) on an Ubuntu 10.10 desktop. Fortunately, there's a Launchpad PPA repository that has Firefox 4.0 .deb packages, so we can...

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The Five Best Linux BitTorrent Clients

If you're new to Linux and looking for a great BitTorrent client, you're in luck. Linux has a fantastic variety of BitTorrent clients and we've picked out five of the best Linux BitTorrent clients you'll find today.

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Whirlwind Intro to Audacity on Linux: From Recording to CD in One Lesson

Audacity, the popular cross-platform software audio recorder and editor, is easy-to-learn yet very capable. To get started, I'll show you how you can create your own CD in Audacity on Linux. From simple recording all the way to mastering the CD, you'll learn the basics of doing audio production in Audacity.

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Using Conditional Statements in LibreOffice and Calc on Linux

Just under the surface of LibreOffice or Calc, you'll find a ton of powerful features — many of which are often overlooked. In particular, Linux users are often unaware that they can use conditional statements to make life much easier. If you're using Calc in LibreOffice or, read on to learn how to use IF/ELSE statements in your spreadsheets.

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