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Weekend Project: Ensure a Hassle-Free Linux Upgrade

Linux's long-term stability means that users can go for years simply upgrading packages without ever doing a re-install from scratch. Believe it or not, that is not always a good thing. It is the recommended practice for servers, naturally, but a peculiar side-effect is that when you do eventually re-install (a desktop or a server), you have ages of old tweaks and customizations built up, and reproducing them can be a confusing hassle. I recently undertook a from-scratch-reinstall, so some of the lessons I learned could be valuable when you tackle your next migration.

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UPnP with People: Open Source Media Sharing with MediaTomb

If you buy a "smart" TV or DVR these days, the odds are that it will support UPnP for hassle-free media sharing. Thus devices like TiVos can locate each other and share recordings across the LAN, and a lot of Linux music and video players support connecting to UPnP shares as well. Give it a moment's thought, however, and you'll probably ask yourself "does it need a specialized device, or can I turn my existing Linux box into a full-blown UPnP server for my existing content?" Well, good news: not only can you, but it is pretty painless to do.

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Two Decades of Excellence: Vim Turns 20!

The Linux Foundation and the Linux community have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Linux kernel all year. And rightly so! But 2011 isn't just the big two-oh for the Linux kernel, it also marks the 20th anniversary of the first release of the world's best text editor. Of course, I'm talking about Vim.

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Fedora 16 is Coming With Big Changes

Fedora Linux is always pushing the bleeding edge, and has evolved into a versatile, flexible distro with something for everyone, for little old ladies with netbooks to students to powerhouse enterprises. Fedora 16, Verne, is due to be released November 8, 2011, so let's take a sneak peek at what's inside.

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Intel's Dirk Hohndel on 20 Years of Linux

Intel's Dirk Hohndel presented a retrospective on the history of the Linux kernel Thursday at LinuxCon Europe in Prague. Although the 20-year anniversary of Linux has been addressed many times over the course of 2011, Hohndel took his own approach, a personal perspective from a developer present at the beginning of the process and has stayed involved, in one way or other, since.

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