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Review: Hands on with the Boxee Box

Everywhere you look these days, there is a new device for sale designed to get music, movies, and entertainment to your TV without the hassle of old-fashioned delivery systems like cable or satellite. So when media-center maker Boxee announced last year that it was adding a Linux-based set-top hardware device to what used to be a software-only product, it took on a decidedly tougher market.

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Adding Mobile Graphics to LibreOffice Impress Presentations

Presentations can be your best friend or your enemy. They can make or break a meeting. They can be memorable or forgotten immediately. Most users cobble together the standard presentation with little to no pizazz and hope that the content will be enough to keep everyone's attention. In a perfect world that would work. But in our imperfect world the average human needs a little something extra to hold the attention of the audience.

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Weekend Project: Taking the Next Step with Linux after the Install

You've installed Linux. Now what? A lot of folks hear great things about Linux, decide to try it out, and then aren't really sure where to go from there. Relax, and take the weekend to get settled with your brand new Linux install.

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Minty Fresh KDE and LXDE: Linux Mint LXDE and KDE 10

Fans of Mint and KDE or LXDE, February is a good month for you. The Linux Mint project has unleashed the release candidates for Mint 10 LXDE and Mint 10 KDE, and they're looking really good.

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Embrace Eye Candy with Compiz on the Linux Desktop

Tired of a looking at a flat, bland desktop? It's time for some eye candy, Compiz-style. Using Compiz you can enable all sorts of fantastic desktop effects and attractive themes. Want to spruce up your machine with 3D eye candy? Read on to enable Compiz, manage your workspaces with a 3D cube, and help yourself to the Emerald collection of Compiz themes.

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