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Firefox 4.0 Approaches: What's in Store for Linux Users?

After being in development far longer than planned, Mozilla is on the brink of releasing Firefox 4.0. The wait has been worth it, though. Firefox 4.0 brings a bunch of improvements from the user interface to the new Jägermonkey JavaScript engine. Is it time for Linux users to upgrade? Absolutely.

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Create a Cheap and Effective Monitoring System with Ubuntu Linux and webcam_server

On a tight budget, but want to monitor your business, home, or maybe just your baby's room? Using Linux and the webcam_server project, you can set up a poor man's monitoring solution quickly and easily.

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Weekend Project: Set Up a Personal Wiki on Linux with TiddlyWiki

Want to use a wiki to store your notes, thoughts, recipes, or just the best Charlie Sheen quotes you've heard today? Try setting up a personal wiki, like TiddlyWiki. It's easy, lightweight, and you can set it up and customize it in a weekend.

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Installing Nagios On Debian Lenny And Monitoring A Debian Lenny Server

Nagios is a monitoring solution for complex IT infrastructures, Nagios is easy to implement and can be extended by custom-modules, called plugins. In this howto I explain howto install Nagios on a Debian Lenny host and make the configuration...

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How to Install Open-Xchange on Debian Linux

Since its beginnings as a Microsoft Exchange alternative for small- to medium-sized businessed, the Open-Xchange collaboration suite has stretched a bit beyond just a messaging solution. The flagship product, Open-Xchange Server, is regarded as a full collaborative platform, particularly with the addition of the Infostore document sharing module. Here's how to install Open-Xchange Server to start on the way to replacing Exchange.

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