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Weekend Project: Scrub Files and Old Hard Drives Securely on Linux

Whether you are upgrading components for a system refresh, selling an old laptop on Craigslist, or recycling your desktop PC, there comes a time when you have to wipe a storage device in preparation for giving it to someone else. Chances are, you don't want whoever gets physical access to your old hard disk to have unfettered access to its contents: files, email, passwords, the embarrassingly-high frequency of Justin Beiber sites in your browsing history. You'll find several open source utilities for wiping away personal data — so this weekend, why not take stock of your options and put together a deep-clean routine?

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Collaborate Using LibreOffice Writer Changes and Comments

Being a writer, I often have to collaborate with other writers or editors on an assignment or book. Because of this, there is a need for collaboration tools within my word processor. LibreOffice offers such tools for the writer, editor, student, or teacher. These tools are Changes and Comments and they make the process of collaboration within a LibreOffice Writer document so much easier.

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Manage System Startup and Boot Processes on Linux with Upstart

Want to start, stop, and manage services on your Linux box? Then you need to familiarize yourself with Upstart and take control of your startup and boot processes on Linux.

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Review: Hands on LibreOffice 3.3

The Document Foundation released the first new version of its LibreOffice suite on January 25th, and it was far too tempting not to grab a copy and run it through its paces. And while there are a few new features of note, this is still pretty much, with all the attendant advantages and foibles.

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Weekend Project: Set Up a Fast and Lightweight Desktop with Fluxbox

Would you like a faster computer this weekend? We can't spot you the cash for a faster machine, but by embracing a faster and lighter desktop, you can enjoy a speedier computing experience on your Linux desktop. If you're ready to soup up your system, dive in and give Fluxbox a shot.

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